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Trim / Moulding

House Trim and Moulding Services

Interior trim can be ornate or simple but it is always a key design factor. New or updated trim and moulding create a crisp, clean appearance and add a finishing touch to any painting project. Whether trim tops kitchen cabinets, doors, and windows, or serves as baseboards, mouldings, or chair rails, keeping it fresh shows off the interior of your home or business.

With so many trim and moulding styles to choose from, we can help you find the one that best fits your interior space. Even older trim can be restored and revived with the right techniques and expert know-how. We can use our skills to repaint trim that is faded, scuffed, and discolored, even repairing or replacing pieces that are damaged. If you’re looking to install new trim or moulding that matches existing styles, we can handle that too. Periodic maintenance or an occasional refresh can highlight architectural details and showcase a room.

Interior Trim Services

When Best Buy Painting handles your interior trim or moulding work, we will:

  • Inspect surfaces for imperfections
  • Replace trim if needed, careful to sink nails
  • Protect surfaces not being refinished
  • Spackle where necessary and remove chipped paint
  • Sand rough areas / fill nail holes
  • Clean the repaired trim
  • Caulk trim where necessary
  • Apply the proper primer and paint or stain
  • Consult with you throughout the project
  • Keep a tidy workspace
  • Clean up once finished

Trim painting and staining requires more than just a steady hand. To get the best results a knowledge of products, tools, techniques, and paint finishes is also key. At Best Buy Painting our professional, experienced staff will leave your interior trim with a smooth, durable finish that is able to stand up to everyday wear, cleaning products, family, and pets. Our attention to detail produces a high-quality result that complements your interior space.

Best Buy Painting professionals will always keep a focus on communication during your project and are ready to respond to your needs––your complete satisfaction is the truest test of our skill. And as always, we are committed to delivering premium services at an affordable price.

If you are looking to update interior trim or moulding in one room or throughout your residential or commercial space, consider Best Buy Painting. Send us a message or call us at 216-255-5134 to set up a consultation and discuss project details.

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