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Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair & Replacement

Just like building a house, a good foundation is the key to a great paint job. Having a properly prepared, even, clean, dry surface can mean the difference between a beautifully done paint application and one that will always have “trouble spots” that stand out and nag at you each time you walk by. (Pro-tip: toothpaste is NOT spackle.)

One of the keys to an amazing paint job is ensuring your drywall is properly repaired, patched and sanded. Different colors and paint finishes can highlight problem areas so it’s best to hire a professional who knows the right techniques and can help to ensure you love your walls when the paint dries.

Our team is skilled at making drywall repairs from managing uneven surfaces, filling holes and cracks, popped nail or screw heads, to more complicated repairs like bad or missing tape applications, corner bead patches and matching patterned ceiling textures.

Using the right tools and techniques is so important in ensuring your final result is one you’ll love. Let our experience be your secret weapon in creating a room you’ll love.

Give us a call at 216-255-5134 or send us a message today to set up a consultation and discuss your projects details. We want to help you transform your walls into the room of your dreams.

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