Paint Adds Value to Your Home

Housing prices have been on the increase so now is a great time to buy or sell a house in Cleveland! Buyers as well as sellers are in a particularly beneficial position to capitalize on the housing market right now. A seller can benefit by putting their home’s best foot forward, so to speak by making their home more sellable with pre-sale fix-ups. The costliest mistake that sellers make is putting their home on the market in rundown condition. Nothing drives buyers away faster than a Cleveland home with peeling exterior paint, or grimy faded outdated interior paint.

Buyers want to envision themselves living in the space. A home that is clean and well maintained will allow them to do this. The quickest and most cost effective way to transform a living space is to update the home’s interior paint! A fresh coat of paint allows you to unify the space by painting the rooms a neutral color palette and tone down any brightly colored spaces depersonalizing the space. The proper choice of interior home paint can make the rooms feel larger and warmer. Cleveland house painters know that a higher quality paint choice can give the walls a smoother finish and provide greater durability. Interior home painting also clears away odors by killing odor-causing bacteria. Realtors agree that interior home painting can be an important element in increasing a home’s sale by up to 16 percent. With 16 percent of your home’s value at stake, is that really an amount that you would want to leave to chance? Many homeowners trust Cleveland house painting professionals like Best Buy Painting. Family operated and owned for 15 years they ensure quality work and a job done right.

Not only is interior home painting important, so is the exterior paint of a home. A potential buyer’s first impression of a home is the most important. That’s why there are so many television shows and books that focus on a home’s “curb appeal”! The exterior of a home is going to let a buyer know if they are even interested in entering the home. The extreme weather seasons that we have in Cleveland cause quite a bit of fading and damage to the exterior of homes in this region. If the exterior paint of a home is faded or peeling it is going to give a buyer the impression that the home is not well maintained. House painting in Cleveland can remedy any damage that may have occurred over the winter months. However, due the variety of styles, sizes, materials on the exterior of the home and the period the home was built in, many homeowners prefer to hire Cleveland painting contractors such as Best Buy Painting to handle the tasks of exterior painting.

There are many factors that need to be considered by Cleveland house painters. For example, the size of the house and the size of the lot need to be considered. For a large house that sits on a small lot, if a dark color is chosen it will make the house look smaller or as if it is squeezed onto the lot. If a darker color is chosen, then it should be used only on the bottom half of the house. If at all possible choose a lighter color palette as it makes a smaller home look larger as it reflects light and lifts the spirit of your home. If you have porches, window sashes, porch ceilings, or soffits always paint these a shade lighter than main color of your home for the same reason. Although you may love a certain color, you will want to choose paint colors that complement the colors of the other materials in your home such as the roof, brick, stone or stucco. This will create a balanced effect for your entire home. A professional at Best Buy Painting will guide each customer through this process and ensure that the result will enhance the beauty and value of their home.

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