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Master Bedroom Color Update

This spacious master bedroom exudes charm, from its grand wooden beam spanning the ceiling to the natural light streaming in through the sliding doors. Our dedicated Best Buy Painting Crew meticulously inspects every detail, including drywall seams on ceilings and walls, ensuring perfection.

Preserving the original features of the ceiling, our skilled BBP crew applies the desired texture seamlessly. Addressing any cracks or imperfections caused by foundation settling beneath the window, we carefully carve them out before filling them with our specialized spackle mixture. Once the spackle sets and dries, we expertly sand the area to achieve a flawlessly smooth surface, using our 100-grit sander for precision. After completing this stage, we meticulously clean the area and walls to prepare for painting.

Before proceeding, we meticulously caulk around the designated areas to achieve a polished finish. Utilizing our Sherwin Williams Emerald Alkyd Urethane, we meticulously apply it to baseboards, two slider doors, four door frames, six windows, and six window frame side skirts. Once the paint sets and dries, we carefully tape off all trim with Frog Green tape, ensuring no paint marks are left behind and achieving crisp lines.

With our BBP Crew fully prepared, we commence painting using Sherwin Williams Duration in “Jasper Stone” finish, providing a sophisticated matte texture to the room.

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