Best Paint Colors of 2020

When you feel like it’s time to make a change to your home, and you want an easy and affordable way to do it, changing up the color of the paint can make a world of difference. If you are considering interior home painting in Cleveland, here are some of our favorite Sherwin-Williams colors to consider:

Blue: We start off with blue. More specifically, Classic Blue. This color is soothing, refreshing, and brings up thoughts of the sky just as day is turning into night. As it’s not too revolutionary, this color is a great choice for people who want a change, but not a huge change.

Best Colors 2020 Blue

Blush: A slight variation of pink, Blush is a soothing and gentle color that fits well in bathrooms, bedrooms, and small spaces that need an open and welcoming feel. Some people choose to use it on their furniture, while others use it for an accent wall.

Best Colors 2020 Blush

White: The old standby, white paint is a great choice to open up a room. Because there is the potential to make so many different shades and variations with it, using white paint on a room is a sure hit for interior home painting in Cleveland area homes.

Best Colors 2020 White

Peacock: If you are ready for something different, consider Peacock Blue. A variation of blue, charcoal, and other off-black shades, this color will bring a calming effect wherever it is used. As a popular jewel tone, you can use it for all four walls in a room, or you could opt to use it as a stunning accent color.

Best Colors 2020 Peacock

Burnt Orange: For people considering interior home painting in Cleveland, Burnt Orange and other similar hues is a good choice. This shade will make a wall or a door look homey and warm. While it’s great for accents, you do want to be careful to avoid going overboard. An entire room painted in Burnt Orange would likely be too much, and might even have a claustrophobic effect.

Best Colors 2020 Burnt Orange

Hunter Green: For a stunning switch-up, consider using Hunter Green in a living room, dining room, or even a kitchen. This dark and majestic color is masculine and beautiful at the same time. Consider pairing it with a different shade of green for the trim, and you’ll really have a room that catches the eye.

Best Colors 2020 Hunter Green

Clay: Evoking a sense of terra-cotta walls, the color Clay is a smart choice for anyone looking for warmth and comfort. Some people will texture a wall and then paint it with this color, making it look as if the home is constructed out of an earthen material.

Best Colors 2020 Clay

Give Your Home a New Look and Feel for the New Year Whatever you’re looking for, interior home painting in Cleveland is a great project to start off the new year. Consider the effect you want, and see if one of these colors is a match!

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